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and individual pre-eq switches for each channel, plexi-mode, gain structure, tube buffered series/parallel. The end result was the 3 channel Ecstasy with the possibility for the user to customize the amp to her/his taste via the multiple switches in pre and power amp. Look into your old Vox and you will see classic Wima branded capacitors. Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. No not at all, we use mainly the German made Wima capacitors and these are the best tonal choice for different circuit designs. Every component must be considered and optimized depending on the circuit to work effortlessly together in reaching our goal of creating an inspiring amplifier for you. Please note from January 2016 on the 20thA model will come in the small Ecstasy head enclosure! The clean channel has been changed; special emphasis was taken to the boosted mode which gives you more gain with nicely balanced frequencies and compression. All in all with no competition Reinhold raised the bar to a new level.

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bogner sextreffen

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In 2009 we celebrated our 20th year of Bogner USA and wanted to create something special for our amplifier line; enter the 20th Anniversary Ecstasy.
We consider this model to be the new "Flagship".
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This was not Reinhold's optimal choice as it also made for a more compressed and focused tone but since there was the Classic option available for the more open and less compressed sound, he was okay with the change. The 20th Anniversary amp was designed and features 6L6 power amp tubes standard but can be custom order with EL34's. We purchased all the available brands and meticulously went trough the entire signal chain of our Ecstasy circuit incorporating these vintage style capacitors into the design. It's not just about replacing components, but rather, how you integrate the components into the overall circuit, making fine-tune adjustments to balance the final design. Since only one hundred 100B models were built and the amp became rare Reinhold wanted to offer a model with slightly less features which sits somewhere between the 100 and 101B. In the past few years many new boutique capacitors have come on the market such as the Sozo and Jupiter brand which focus on replicating the vintage capacitors from the 60's. Classic option - Discontinued February 2010 the Classic has a lightly changed pre-amp combined with different filtering in the power supply which offers a more woody attack and blooming sustain that overall gives a rich 3D open sound with a less compressed feel than our. Available options where, Class A/AB, switch, individual line out controls for each channel, metal grill and the assignable speaker cabinet switching with the attenuator loop which was shortly after discontinued as there was no demand for. The Chassis color was changed from white to black.

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